II LEANI MUN: The Security Council Analysis – First Session: The analysis about the Delegations in t

The nations presents were Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, France, Lebanon, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Syria, Sweden, and Brazil, as a guest. They discussed the Syrian Civil War and its international repercussions in the security field.

The first session started with the Delegates firmly stating their political ideals, specifically the United States, Germany, France and Equatorial Guinea, but the others were not so assertive exposing their points. During the first half of the Council, the US was showing a strong and solid opinion about the external politics and was very interested in the proposed agenda.

However, throughout the session, it was possible to notice the United States’ assertive decline, the nation which started with a strong and active participation was slowly fading away and theirs initially strong influence power was switched for German’s and France’s influence power during the defense of topics as humanitarian issues.

Besides this, the good solutions were nowhere to be seen given the Delegates’ silence and apathy during the uttered heated speeches of Syria, Equatorial Guinea and Russia. The highlighted nations were German and France with their active participation, consistent agenda, good solutions to the issues exposed and strong influence power.

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