September 10, 2018

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Ação LEANI 2017: Lar de Francisco

November 14, 2017

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II LEANI MUN: AG - Second Day of the UN General Assembly and it´s results

September 10, 2018

Today has begun the second half of the general assembly of the UN, which had the
main objective to create a debate about child labor and the contemporary slavery, and
elaborate possible solutions to alleviate this reality, that most certainly is one of the
most urgent issues the occurs in the modern world.

In set debate, the main topics of the discussion were: the elaboration of shelters made by
each countries governments with the objective of harbor the children victims of this
system, the surveillance of companies to make sure that they do not use slavery labor on
the confection of their product, and the possibility of applying a politic that is similar to
a Brazilian politic named “Bolsa Familia”.

China has proposed to implement a supervision of the companies that are located in it´s
territory by the communist government, idea that was supported by most delegations
present. The United States of America has expressed delegation has expressed some
disagreement with the idea of inspecting and closing down companies, because this
would leave many people without any stable income, aggravating their monetary

The idea of utilizing the idea of utilizing a campaign similar to “Bolsa Familia” was
widely criticized, because of the many flaws it possess, and also because as some
countries, like Turkey, have affirmed in the conference some countries do not have the
condition to apply this politic, because of their populational numbers.

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