September 10, 2018

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Ação LEANI 2017: Lar de Francisco

November 14, 2017

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II LEANI MUN: Only 5 members attend to UN General Assembly - United States does not attend the conference and Sweden leaves midway through the discussion about forced labour

September 4, 2018

As forced labour becomes one of the most important and ugent issues concerning Human Rights, the UN General Assembly shows a worrisome lack of representants. Only China, France, Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom were present. Forced and child Labour were the main topic of dicussion.


Germany showed its concerns about issues like female and sexual exploitation, the use of child and forced labour as a way of rapid economic growth in many countries, including China, and showed cooperation and financial support for UN shelter project, the same as a modern slavery victims. France also supported the projects, along with the United Kingdom. Futher details about how these shelters will be organized, as well as who will lead and demand the position of other UN members that weren't at the Assembly will be discussed in future sessions.


China, one of the members that called most attention in this discussion, showed cooperation through the entire Assembly, acknowledged failures in its system, but at the same time stated that some types of modern slavery are a western view towards the country.

In the reunion, it was also discussed topics like:

  • The maximum age to be considered child labour in each country, in an attempt to make the discussion clearer

  • UN monitoring and inspection of the proposed projects and decisions made in the committee

  • Cases of immigrants and refugee’s vulnerability

New information about the next session of the Assembly will be updated at the day.

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